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Hebei Shaoman international trade company is an innovative company which specialized in design, development, production and marketing of sex toys. We strictly comply with the standards of ISO & ROHS, and follow the production concept of Eco-friendly and Non-toxic, skin-friendly, all products passed the test of CE and FDA. We focus on the development and production of high-quality adult products…..

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What are the benefits of using a masturbation cup?

The Aircraft Cup is a popular sex product for men and can meet their needs of masturbation. But more and more people want to know if it does bad to people’s health? The materials used to make the masturbation cups are mainly designed with non-toxic medical soft silicone, with moderate softness an...

Love Class: What is a jumping egg?

Jumping eggs is a female masturbation sex products, a little cute used for husband and wife effective flirting. Jumping eggs has the vibration function, so that women continue to orgasm. It has a good improvement effect on the treatment of female sexual apathy, lack of orgasm and other diseases. ...

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